Over the past two years, a terminated employee was investigated and found guilty of professional misconduct.

This employee made statements and comments regarding unprofessionalism by our business, including the following allegations:

•       Our business doesn’t like competition;
•       Our business is “just mad” because we are jealous and don’t want another injector to open their own business;
•       Our business is abusing the terminated employee; and
•       Our business paid someone to take pictures of the terminated employee in their home.

These allegations are false.

What is true is that this injectable practitioner invited Dr. Secretan’s clinic patients and others into an in-home injection site and injected a schedule 1 drug in exchange for a cash payment.

Neither Dr. Secretan or management was made aware of this at the time. Schedule 1 medications are not permitted for use by injectors outside of the prescriber’s medical facility. No entries of the procedures were made in the health records, and no money transfers or accounting of the cash payment was ever made back to Dr. Secretan.

During the course of the investigation of the past employee’s regulatory body, the terminated injector forged medical records and swore those forged documents to be genuine to a Health Professions Act regulatory investigator. As stated by her hearing panel, “the intentional and calculated manner in which this was done is serious and cannot be written off as a minor transgression.” Over $30,000.00 in fines and costs were ordered against her.

We have wished many times that we did not have to be involved in these events. It has not been a process that we have enjoyed, and certainly not something that we ever would have anticipated. This has been a steep learning curve; however, the knowledge that has been gained has been invaluable! We truly believe that we have emerged from this incident better, more aware practitioners.

Our patients deserve our best. We will continually strive to be contributors of knowledge, educating the public as we also learn.

Our mission statement includes, “Our commitment to the patient is first and foremost to be their advocate for life.

We strive to provide an educational experience and embrace the open exchange of ideas that foster the practice of active listening. This revolves around our firm commitment to the public and the partnership that we develop in their care.

As such, safety and well-being are always our top priorities.” We advocated for our patients throughout this experience. We will maintain our integrity at all costs and make the appropriate changes within our business when necessary.

If you have questions about what to expect from an injectable professional and what the guidelines are, please ask! We are more than happy to share insights we have gained throughout this process. We are here to help you.


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