Normal Looking Injectable Results


We won’t all agree on what is attractive, nor should we. However, most of us can agree on what appears to be normal looking injectable results. Bigger isn’t necessarily better, less actually is more.

Our focus is to respect the structure of the lips and to recognize subtle lip shape changes rather than adding excessive volume.

Part of our mission at Lethbridge Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics is to continually provide insights and the latest information that will help you decide not only if this is the right procedure for you, but what to expect from the procedure (before, during, and after).

We recently received concerning information from one of our Instagram followers regarding her cosmetic injectable treatments… and sadly, this isn’t an isolated case. If you’ve had a bad experience with experience with injections, you’re NOT alone. It’s the reason why Lethbridge Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics has committed to providing more information regarding aesthetic medicine, specifically Botox and filler. Being more informed about procedures will help decrease the chance of physical and emotional trauma associated with poorly executed treatments. With that being said, we understand that unfortunate things do happen even when every recommended precaution is taken.

Lethbridge Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics is committed to ensure safety within our profession, for our patients and the public. We know how important it is to cultivate trust in the patient-practitioner relationship.

If you’re thinking about getting injections, take your time, do you research, and, if possible, get a second professional opinion.

Do you have questions about lip injections? We’d love to hear from you and talk it through. Give us a call!

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Let’s create more awareness in aesthetic medicine together — ask questions and do what is right for YOU.