Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive Surgical Services

Reconstructive Surgical Services

Reconstructive surgery procedures repair structures of the body affected aesthetically or functionally due to things like traumatic injuries, birth defects, developmental abnormalities, burns or scarring, and are generally done to improve function & ability, but may also be performed to achieve a more typical appearance of the affected structure.

Dr. Secretan is a highly skilled plastic surgeon with extensive training, experience and a special interest in reconstructive surgery.

Through communication and his advanced surgical skills, he is committed to helping patients achieve the results they desire in order to restore function, confidence and self-esteem. Dr. Secretan performs a full range of reconstructive and corrective procedures in addition to those listed below.

Dupuytren’s Disease
  • Needle aponeurotomy, fasciectomy, and xialfex injections
Peripheral Nerve Sugery
  • Carpal tunnel release, cubital tunnel release and operations for other compression neuropathies
Craniofacial Surgery
  • Treatment of traumatic facial injuries including fractures and soft tissue injuries
Burn Surgery
  • Surgical treatment of acute thermal injuries
  • Reconstruction of chronic deformities from burn injuries
Complex Wounds
  • Debridement and reconstruction of complex wounds including decubitus ulcers and lower extremity defects
Hand Surgery
  • Hand trauma
  • Operations to treat fractures, tendon/nerve lacerations, soft tissue injuries
Breast Surgery
  • Breast reduction
  • Breast reconstruction following mastectomy
Skin Cancer
  • Treatment of skin cancers (melanoma, squamous cell and basal cell carcinomas etc…)
  • Reconstruction following skin cancer excision including treatment of complex facial defects
  • Procedures to treat osteoarthritis of the hand including suspensionplasty, arthrodesis and arthroplasty
Contact our office at (403) 381-0083 for a full list of procedures or to schedule an appointment today.

Surgical Facilities

Surgeries at Lethbridge Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics are performed in one of two locations, either the Chinook Hospital in Lethbridge, Alberta, or at the beautiful surgical suite located here in our building.

Both are staffed with doctors, anesthesiologists and nursing staff. Which location is used will be determined by Dr. Secretan during your consultation and will depend upon the complexity and extent of the surgery to be performed. 


Great Surgeon

"Fantastic service. Great staff. Extremely professional, yet very friendly. Dr. Matt is a talented surgeon. Great hair removal service also."
Anonymous, - past patient

100% Satisfied

"Although I am a very difficult and picky person who is very hard to please, I was 100% satisfied with the results. Dr Secretan is extremely caring and a true professional. He is not like most doctors who don’t really care for the patients. I had a breast augmentation and tummy tuck done and it looks even better than I would expect, nice, proportionate and most importantly, exactly what I wanted."
Anonymous, -past patient

In Good Hands

"I had skin cancer removed by Dr. Secretan and it was a great experience. I was terrified when I found out I had a basal cell carcinoma and I had heard he was an amazing surgeon and was told I was in good hands. I’m so happy that it’s gone and I barely have any scarring. He is an amazing surgeon..."
Anonymous, -past patient

Aesthetics Options:

In addition to cosmetic surgeries performed by our plastic surgeon, we also offer aesthetic services that can help with a variety of common issues, from a double chin to acne scaring.

For a list of these services, please view the aesthetic procedures portion of our website.