Before and After Dermal Fillers for Tear Trough Correction

Tear Trough correction in lethbridge

Tear trough deformity is a major concern in a lot of individuals seeking periorbital rejuvenation. A prominent tear trough deformity is characterized by a sunken appearance of the eye that results in the casting of a dark shadow over the lower eyelid, giving the patient a fatigued appearance despite adequate rest.

Tear trough injections are one of the most challenging areas to treat safely and well with dermal filler.

Before Dr. Secretan performs nonsurgical treatment for tear trough correction, it’s important for him to evaluate the following factors:

✔ Skin quality. Patients with thick, smooth skin will have better results than those with thin extremely wrinkled skin.

✔ Definition of the hollow, as a more defined hollow is more amenable to fillers.

✔ The orbital fat pads. Larger fat pads are more difficult to correct due to ‘puffiness’ caused by the injection.

✔ The color of the overlying skin. The filler may improve shadowing but will not improve dark pigmentation.

The volume injected varies from patient to patient and overcorrection should be avoided.

Overcorrection, too superficial injections, and choice of an inappropriate filler may lead to unacceptable aesthetic results.

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