Cosmetic Surgery in Lethbridge

Cosmetic Surgery in Lethbridge — when most people think of plastic surgery, they immediately think of cosmetic surgery. However, it is a broad specialty that encompasses a wide variety of procedures, even in Lethbridge!

Outside of cosmetic surgery, plastic surgeons treat buns, skin cancers, pressure sores, facial fractures, and peripheral nerve compression neuropathies. They also perform breast reconstruction following mastectomies.

Another substantial part of the specialty is hand surgery. This involves treating traumatic injuries as well as non-emergent procedures to address arthritis and other common problems such as Dupuytren’s contracture.

Pictured here is a patient that had a large benign mass in their finger that had reached the point where it was inhibiting normal hand function. It had to be meticulously resected to avoid damaging the neuromuscular structures in their finger.

Dr. Secretan (resides in Lethbridge!) is highly experienced in a full range of cosmetic surgery procedures and is fully committed to providing the highest quality of care with the most effective proven techniques available. At Lethbridge Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics, our focus is on you – understanding your desires and education you on the options available to achieve the best possible results.

Click HERE to review a few of the other cosmetic surgery procedures that we do.

And if you’re curious about experiences from previous patients, here is some recent feedback:

“Dr. Secretan is an excellent plastic surgeon. I recently had a procedure done and he did a great job. I would highly recommend this clinic. I had my surgery done in their on-site surgical suite which is well-equipped, clean and bright. Thanks to all the staff for a job well done and for making me feel comfortable.” — Barb L.

“I feel a little ashamed in not posting this sooner, but we are sure lucky to have Dr. Secretan serving our area! There isn’t a better plastic surgeon around in my opinion. I have had the privilege / misfortune of needing Dr. Secretan’s services twice over the past few years. He is knowledgeable, calm, confident, and meticulous and skilled in what he does. I know I am in the best hands when Dr. Secretan is involved.” — Geoff S.