Dermal Fillers

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What are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers, also known as facial fillers, are cosmetic injections used for their impressive anti-aging effects and ability to restore facial harmony and youthful symmetry.

Fillers are not permanent. The formulas are derived from naturally occurring substances which eventually break down and are safely absorbed by the body. Facial fillers are a type of non-surgical cosmetic procedures and treat localized facial concerns such as wrinkles, loss of volume, skin sagging, and acne scars.

This minimally invasive treatment offers immediate anti-aging effects, with minimal discomfort, a low risk of side effects, and virtually no downtime.

Experience Matters:

You Can Trust Your Results to the Skilled Hands of Dr. Secretan, Our Expert Injector and Plastic Surgeon!

When it comes to achieving optimal results with dermal fillers, the expertise and technique of your injector play a crucial role.

That’s why all our dermal filler treatments are exclusively performed by Dr. Secretan, a highly trained plastic surgeon with years of advanced experience in cosmetic procedures.

With Dr. Secretan’s meticulous attention to detail and deep understanding of facial anatomy, you can rest assured that your dermal filler treatment is in the hands of a skilled professional. His advanced training ensures that every injection is carefully administered, tailored to your unique needs, and designed to deliver natural-looking, stunning results.

Benefits of Dermal Fillers:

There are many benefits of dermal fillers to the overall appearance of your skin, such as:

*Restores undereye volume

*Softens the lines around eyes

*Reshapes & redefines lips

*Contours & defines jawline & chin

*Adds volume to lift cheeks for a more defined look

*Fills Acne scaring

*Softens marionette lines or jowls

*Adds volume to temples

LPSA offers many other services and products that will aid you in your skin care goals. To find out which are appropriate for you, book a consultation with one of our skin care experts.

Enhance your lips with dermal fillers for a luscious, natural-looking result that will make your smile even more captivating!

Length of Procedure?

30 Minutes - 1 Hour

Discomfort Level?


Recovery Time?

0-4 days (some swelling/bruising)

Anesthesia Offered?


After Treatment

Results: You will see results immediately, but it takes a full 2 weeks for better results and 4-6 weeks for optimal results. Regular treatments are recommended to maintain and enhance your results. This also helps to prevent more lines & wrinkles from forming and/or deepening.


Lasts: Filler can last 4-18 months, depending on treatment area, type of product and injection techniques used, along with how fast your body naturally metabolizes the product.


*Each client is unique and these are general treatment guidelines.

Facial fillers for lips cheeks

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Injectable FAQs

Discover the transformative potential of dermal fillers at Lethbridge Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics, serving Lethbridge, Calgary, and nearby communities. Achieve a youthful and flawless complexion without the need for invasive procedures or downtime!

Injectable FAQs

Discover the transformative potential of dermal fillers at Lethbridge Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics, serving Lethbridge, Calgary, and nearby communities. Achieve a youthful and flawless complexion without the need for invasive procedures or downtime!

Dermal fillers are gel-like substances injected beneath the skin’s surface to restore lost volume, smooth out wrinkles, and enhance facial contours. Composed of materials like hyaluronic acid or collagen, these injectables offer a non-surgical approach to address signs of aging, such as fine lines, hollowed areas, and sagging skin. By replenishing volume and stimulating collagen production, dermal fillers help achieve a more youthful and refreshed appearance, with results that last for months.

Dermal fillers offer a multitude of benefits for patients seeking to enhance their appearance without resorting to invasive surgical procedures. Firstly, they provide a non-surgical solution to address signs of aging, such as wrinkles, fine lines, and volume loss, effectively rejuvenating the face and restoring a more youthful appearance. Dermal fillers are versatile and can be tailored to target specific areas, including the lips, cheeks, and under-eye hollows, allowing for personalized treatment. Moreover, these injectables typically require minimal downtime, enabling patients in Lethbridge, Calgary and the southern Alberta area to resume their daily activities shortly after the procedure. The results are immediate, offering instant gratification, and last for several months, providing long-lasting effects. Overall, facial fillers at Lethbridge Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics provide a safe, convenient, and customizable option to enhance one’s natural beauty and boost self-confidence.

At Lethbridge Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics we are pleased to offer:

Restalyne – for more information click HERE

JUVÉDERM – for more information click HERE

Both of these companies carry a variety of dermal fillers that provide benefits to different areas. Which one will be used depends upon the patient’s needs and Dr. Secretan’s expert judgement.

There is no preparation required, simply call to book an injectable consultation with Dr. Secretan and he will assess your suitability for dermal filler, and which filler (Juvederm or Restalyne) will best meet your needs.

If you are in overall good physical health and possess realistic expectations for enhancing your appearance, you might be an ideal candidate for dermal fillers.

Recovery after receiving dermal fillers is generally minimal, allowing individuals to resume their regular activities with little to no downtime. Some common post-treatment effects may include redness, swelling, or slight bruising at the injection sites, but these typically resolve within a few days. Applying cold compresses and avoiding intense physical activities or excessive sun exposure immediately after the procedure can help minimize these effects.

It’s important to follow the aftercare instructions provided by the staff at Lethbridge Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics, which may include avoiding certain medications or skincare products for a specified period.

Additionally, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, staying hydrated, and protecting the treated areas from excessive sun exposure can contribute to a smooth and speedy recovery. Overall, the recovery process after getting dermal fillers is generally well-tolerated and allows individuals to enjoy the immediate and long-lasting results of the treatment.

If you want to minimize laugh lines, crow’s feet, and frown lines, or plump up your lips or cheeks – dermal fillers and injectables  at Lethbridge Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics might just be your secret weapon!

The best part? No downtime or recovery needed. Get ready for a more youthful and smoother complexion, and enjoy the amazing results that’ll have you feeling on top of the world!

Fillers at our Lethbridge plastic surgery  and medical aesthetics office can help you smooth out mild to moderate fine lines, wrinkles, and age-related cosmetic issues. If you live in or around Lethbridge, Taber, Calgary, Northern Montana or Elk Valley, call us to schedule a consultation today!