Time for Laser Hair Removal!

Laser Hair Removal in Lethbridge

You know that phrase, “Summer bodies are made in the winter”? People say that because it’s true!! This is the time of year to remove that unwanted body hair in preparation for summer.

Fact: Nobody likes constantly shaving and waxing their unwanted facial and body hair. Not only is it a time-suck, but you also rarely get the results you’re looking for.

With light-based laser hair removal at Lethbridge Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics, you can get the smooth, touchable skin you’ve always wanted. It’ll take a few simple treatments and you’ll get long-term results with quick treatment sessions.

At Lethbridge Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics, our professional aesthetics team uses the top lasers in the industry to create the safest and most effective results, allowing you to remove unwanted body hair forever! With our gentle process, laser hair removal is the easiest and most comfortable way to be rid of hair forever… which means you never have to shave again!

Here’s what a few of our patients had to say about their laser hair removal experience:

LPSA is so great! I’ve been for two treatments of laser hair removal and the staff is so nice and accommodating and professional. I’ve also recently purchased skin care and it’s great! My skin already feels better. I highly recommend LPSA!” — Jylian R.

“I see Kira for all my skin care needs and I wouldn’t trust anyone else or go anywhere else. I have had laser hair removal, Botox, filler, chemical peels, and these ladies know their stuff! This clinic is not stuffy or pretentious, everyone is so welcoming, and they always make me feel and look like a rockstar.” — Eyrin T.

“So happy with my laser hair removal experience. The staff were incredibly friendly and helpful, and my treatment was really comfortable. Already coming up with a wish list for future treatments!” — Brooke S.

If you’d like to learn more or are ready to book a laser hair removal treatment, give us a call! You can also follow us on Instagram and Facebook for real-time updates and a look behind the scenes.

From the entire team at Lethbridge Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics, we can’t wait to connect with you!