Spider Vein Removal

in Lethbridge, Alberta

Spider Vein Removal

in Lethbridge, Alberta
With laser treatment, you can diminish the appearance of leg veins without the pain of surgical treatments and lengthy downtimes.

Unwanted leg veins are common for women of every age and can cause a great deal of embarrassment. When considering vein treatment in Lethbridge, it’s important to know that there are safe, simple procedures that offer relief. You no longer need to cover your legs – show them off with laser leg vein removal.

With innovative laser technology, you can finally stop covering up unsightly spider veins and broken blood vessels! Vein treatments use advanced laser technology to target and destroy the blood vessels responsible for veins, causing them to visibly disappear. Since the laser targets the blood vessels within the vein, there is minimal or no damage to the outer layer of skin. At Lethbridge Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics, your overall experience and outcome are very important to us and we strive daily to provide our patients with excellent care in a relaxed, comfortable setting.

What are Spider Veins?

Spider veins are those small clusters of blue or purple veins that form just beneath the skin’s surface, most commonly on the legs and face. Spider veins are dysfunctional veins into which blood has backed up and collected. We develop them when tiny, one-way valves inside the veins weaken. In healthy veins, these valves push blood in one direction — back to our heart. When these valves weaken, some blood flows backward and accumulates in the vein. Extra blood in the vein puts pressure on the walls of the vein. With continual pressure, the vein walls weaken and bulge. In time, we see a varicose or spider vein.

**Laser Vein Treatments are Safe for all Fitzpatrick Skin Types.

Laser Vein Treatment in Lethbridge:

Spider veins are common and are found on all areas of the body, especially the legs and face.


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We also treat Varicose Vein (and spider veins) with sclerotherapy.

The Fitzpatrick Scale Explained:

Fitzpatrick scale is a skin typing test developed to estimate the response of different skin types to the sun.

In aesthetics, it is used to help us determine your response to certain procedures, such as laser rejuvenation therapy and medical grade peels. Some skin types do not respond well to some types of laser procedures. Please discuss your skin type and the best treatments for your goals with one of our skin care experts. Below you will see an example of each Fitzpatrick skin type 1-6.

Laser Vein Treatments are Safe for all Fitzpatrick Skin Types.

Length of Procedure?

5-30 minutes depending on the size of the area being treated.

Does It Hurt?

Most describe it as feeling like a rubber band snapping.

Recovery Time?


Anesthesia Offered?

Generally not needed

After Treatment

Results: Results are seen immediately, with continued improvement over the next week.


Number of Treatments: Typically, one to four sessions are needed for desired results.


Lasts: Permanent


**Each client is unique, and these are general treatment guidelines.

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