Cosmetic Benefits of Dermal Fillers

There are many cosmetic benefits of dermal fillers. Listed below are a few of the cosmetic benefits of dermal fillers. We’ve also included information on one of the most common side effects.

Restoring Volume

Many facial fillers have a formula consisting of hyaluronic acid. This natural substance effectively plumps up regions that are sunken in due to volume loss. Facial fillers are especially effective at restoring volume around the cheeks and midface area. For example, facial fillers can diminish under eye bags of restoring volume loss in the upper cheek region.

Improving Acne Scars

Dermal fillers improve the appearance of acne scars by filling in the depressions caused by boxcar or rolling acne scars. Filling in the depressions smooths out the appearance of the acne scar. It also reduces shadowing often left behind with acnes scarring. Dermal fillers are often used in conjunction with other professional acne scar treatments to provide optimal results.

Filling In Lines & Wrinkles

Dermal fillers offer amazing anti-aging results by filling in the fine lines and wrinkles that crease the face as we age. Dermal fillers are especially effective at smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles that accumulate around the nose and mouth, such as nasolabial folds, commonly known as laugh lines.

Adding Facial Symmetry & Youthful Contour

Dermal fillers are often used as lip injections, dramatically plumping up and volumizing lips with attractive contour. Dermal fillers can also be used to add volume along the jawline to restore symmetry, an attractive benefit for men who want strong, square jaws.

One of the most common side effects of dermal fillers is bruising.

Even if you have never bruised before, it is always a possibility. This is why:

Bruises are just a small hematoma — they occur when small blood vessels get punctured and leak into the soft tissue beneath.

The areas where the skin shows the most visible signs of aging are also the most likely to bruise after filler injections. These areas include the upper lip, under the eyes, and in the tear troughs.

Depending on your body’s natural tendency to bruise, it can take as long as two weeks after a dermal filler treatment for the bruising to completely subside.

This is an example of how laser therapy can minimize the appearance of bruising. The collage image shows the healing progression over a 24-hour period. The second image shows healing at 48-hours.

IMG 0105

IMG 0106

Healthline also outlined some side effects of dermal fillers. If you’re curious, read more here. Or you can always reach out! We are here for you.