Anti-Wrinkle Treatment - Toxins

Anti-Wrinkle Treatment - Toxins

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You deserve an appearance that matches the way you feel on the inside.

Neurotoxins such as BOTOX® and Dysport are agents that block muscular nerve signals, which in turn weakens the target muscle limiting or nullifying muscle contraction. When injected directly below expression lines, neurotoxins relax the muscles that are causing dynamic wrinkling, effectively smoothing out crow’s feet, smile lines, forehead wrinkles, and other expression lines that age your appearance. BOTOX and Dysport are offered by our expert nurse injectors in Lethbridge at LPSA.

When Expertly Injected, Botox® helps to keep you looking less tired and more youthful.

Remember, cosmetic injection treatments are half science and half art; the advanced techniques and skills of your expert injector will determine the outcome of your results. 

Because optimal results require a skilled provider, all of our treatments are performed by medical professionals who specialize in cosmetic injections & aesthetic procedures. 

Neurotoxin injections are overwhelmingly the most popular treatment for wrinkle relief, and for good reason.

BOTOX and Dysport injected by Lethbridge Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics’ expert nurse injectors will give you some of the most natural, “something looks different but I can’t tell what,” kind of results!

Cosmetic Benefits:

*Results make you look dramatically younger

*Prevents the formation and/or deepening of new fine lines & wrinkles

*Decreases lines around the mouth/jaw, forehead and eyes

Medical Benefits:

*Alleviates pain from migraines

*Treats excessive sweating (Hyperhidrosis) especially in underarms and palms of hands

*Eases jaw tension (TMJ pain)

*FDA cleared as safe & effective

Are BOTOX® or Dysport injections right for you? We’re happy to help answer your questions! Learn more at your personal consultation!
Botox for anti-aging in Lethbridge, Alberta

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Length of Procedure?

30 Minutes

How Much Does It Hurt?


Recovery Time?

None needed

Anesthesia Offered?


After Treatment

Results: Seen within 2 weeks. Regular treatments are recommended to maintain and enhance your results.


Lasts: 3-4 months. Regular treatments help prevent wrinkles from forming and/or deepening.


*Each client is unique and these are general treatment guidelines.

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