Breast Surgeries

Breast Surgeries Offered at Lethbridge Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics:

Are you uncertain about which breast surgery option is the most suited for you? At LPSA, we provide various types of breast surgeries that cover common issues, including nipple placement, sagging, and size.

You can find the complete set of breast surgery options below, and you can obtain additional information about each procedure in the FAQ section.  

Dr. Secretan is highly experienced in a full range of cosmetic surgery procedures and is fully committed to providing the highest quality of care with the most effective proven techniques available. At Lethbridge Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics, our focus is on you – understanding your desires and educating you on the options available to achieve the best possible results.

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Explore Breast Surgery Options

Dr. Secretan offers the following types of breast surgeries in Lethbridge, Alberta. Book a consultation with him today to discuss what option is best for you!
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Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation can address concerns related to size, asymmetry, or loss of fullness due to pregnancy or weight loss. If such issues cause you dissatisfaction or discomfort, breast augmentation can help restore a firmer and fuller appearance to your breasts.
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Breast Lift

Breast lift procedure, also known as mastopexy, aims to elevate the breasts, eliminate excess skin, and improve their shape to achieve a more youthful and uplifted profile. In some cases, this surgery might be performed as a standalone treatment, but it's frequently combined with an augmentation to achieve the desired aesthetic results.
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Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery is an effective way to address the challenges of having overly large breasts. The procedure involves reducing the size of the breasts and lifting their contour, which can help alleviate back pain and improve physical comfort. For women who struggle with these issues, breast reduction surgery can significantly enhance their overall quality of life.
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Male Breast Tissue Reduction (Gynecomastia Surgery)

Gynecomastia is a medical condition that causes unwanted breast tissue growth in males. Surgical removal of this excess tissue may restore confidence, improve self-image, and increase quality of life.

Breast Surgeries in Alberta

If you are interested in a breast surgery, the first step is a consultation with Dr. Secretan, our plastic surgeon. During your consultation he will discuss your goals and which breast surgery option will be best for you. 

LPSA is a full-service plastic surgery and medical aesthetics office located in southern Alberta. Our patients travel from all over Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and the United States to receive care from us, and we pride ourselves in offering the most effective and proven techniques available.

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Plastic Surgery in Southern Alberta

Dr. Secretan is a plastic surgeon based in Alberta. He offers various cosmetic surgery options, which include:









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