Expectations vs Reality with Your Cosmetic Surgery

A common mistake that we often see is when patients compare their results to other people. Let’s discuss your expectations vs reality when it comes to your cosmetic surgery with Dr. Secretan at LPSA.

Whether it’s stories you read online, following influencers, or listening to family and friends. You need to understand that results vary significantly from patient to patient. You and your best friend may be the same height, same weight, and have the same build, but that doesn’t mean her breast implants are right for you.

Some changes are not possible. Remember — having surgery is not going to miraculously change your life or any situation taking place in your life. Don’t ever have plastic surgery to please a spouse or partner because in the end you are the one that must live with that choice.

A few questions to ask yourself:

• What would I like to change?
• Why would I like to make these changes?
• What will be different in my life with these changes?
• Am I choosing this for ME?

We all have a tendency to want to see results happen overnight. But trust us, surgery results take time! Keep your expectations realistic. Always remember what you started with and that a surgeon’s scalpel is not a magic wand.

Healing occurs at different rates for each individual patient. Having unrealistic expectations will undoubtedly lead to disappointment. You need to allow yourself to heal and remember that you often look worse before you look better.

A final thought:

We love reality TV, and social media, but that “reality” isn’t actually real life. Do the people in those shows always look that perfect in the morning? When do they have time to workout between work, kids, or keeping up with the house and homework? It’s important not to base your surgery goals around what you see on TV or on social media.

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